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Transbec's objective is that each member, as a whole, has access to the best the steel market has to offer, in every aspect.
With Acier Transbec, progress in business:

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  • Competetive pricing
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The company

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    Les Aciers Transbec, commonly referred to as Transbec, is a steel buying co-op reserved exclusively to its steel service center members and is the largest steel purchasing group in Quebec with members in Quebec and Ontario. Transbec strives to ensure that its members have access to the most competitive steel on the market, from both domestic mills and mills abroad.

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    Transbec's mission is to be the leveraging liaison between its members and its partnering steel suppliers. To lead and assist its members in increasing their bottom line while maintain market integrity.

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    Our primary objective is to increase each member's bottom line while continuing to be responsible to the steel market. At Transbec, we understand the steel distribution business and we bring that understanding along with the conviction that each member will gain from their Transbec membership, to each and every transaction. We understand that each member is unique and that each member may have specific needs. We listen and address those needs to not only benefit the member, but also the group.

    We provide a platform for market discussions and keep the members informed of market conditions at home and abroad.

    Our "Outside the box" thinking is our recipe for success. This recipe is maintained in the strictest of confidence among all members and has helped us gain recognition and respect in the steel market across the world.

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    At Transbec, we help manage your steel purchases from A-Z. We not only negotiate pricing, but we also ensure that members are updated on their order status. We also help in managing Mill Certs, Mill Releases, customs clearance, port handling and container de-stuffing, just to name a few.

    You will be entitled to market reports, group feedback and important market information.

    We are always available for our members. Our Managing Director and his professional team are always available to address your questions, needs or concerns.

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    Membership privileges

    At Transbec, members are our strength. No matter the purchasing power of each member prior to becoming a member, as a member, each is viewed as equal. Our approach is unique.


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